Universal molded kit to protect your bike.

Made from the best material on the market, it is designed to fit every type of bike such as E-bike, DH, MTB, XC.


The kit includes stickers to protect much of your bike:

  • top tube
  • bottom tube
  • cradle frame or battery
  • seatpost
  • forks and fork attachments
  • steerer
  • seatpost
  • pedal attachments
  • wagon
  • various stickers

The whole thing is protected by 380-micron-thick Crystal™. Stones, branches mud and other debris will no longer be a concern.

The kit is resistant to frequent washing and solvent use, without yellowing over time.

Product tested under the most extreme conditions.

100% Made in Italy.

If you want to add personal logos or other

(maximum file size 64 MB)

(e.g. cycra plastics or different years, logos, colors, etc.).