The sticker kit will be made and delivered in about 5 working days.

Kit includes:

  • front tab
  • number plates
  • shrouds
  • fork guards
  • swingarms
  • front fender
  • rear fender
  • airbox

Our kits are made from the best materials on the market in order to ensure excellent color rendition and durability.

In case the model of your motorcycle is not present, you can contact us at our email address info@monkeygraphics.it

for older models and/or not pictured, graphics may change.

Only for models produced after 2019

For enduro models, the kit will come with graphics for the Headlight Holder

leave blank to get the kit as pictured

leave blank to get the kit as pictured

leave blank to get the kit as pictured

leave blank to get the kit as pictured

Standard €0.00 Chrome Base +€159.00 Chrome Base with White (all chrome colors except white and black) +€179.00 Holographic Base +€159.00 Holographic Base with White (all holographic colors except black and white) +€179.00
Glossy €0.00 Matte +€20.00 Silver Glitter +€49.00 Holographic Glitter +€49.00 Gold Glitter +€49.00

The kit will be supplied already mounted on the plastics as in the bike in photo.

None yes +€5.00

KIT GRIP 3 sheets 31×17 cm in Crystal transparent adhesive with Grip™ technology. To have extra grip between the sensitive parts of the bike and the boots, setting a more aggressive and safe riding. Greatly reduces the consumption of the graphics kit due to rubbing with boots and pants

kit 5 mini adhesive tables

Select to preview the kit before printing

If you want to add personal logos or other

(maximum file size 64 MB)

(e.g. cycra plastics or different years, logos, colors, etc.).